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Water Resources and Global Climate Change

Water Resource and Global Climate Change: Critical Conditions within the Saloum & Casamance Catchments of Senegal & an Opportunity for Management and Restoration of Wetlands and Livelihoods … [Read more...]

Institute of Wetland Research

The Ramsar Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) wetland restoration, mitigation and management working group has been reviewing the existing Ramsar guidance on wetland restoration with the aim of determining if it needs updating and/or … [Read more...]

Wetlands and the 2004 Tsunami

As part of the global response to the 2004 tsunami disaster, the Ramsar Convention asked Wetlands International to coordinate efforts to bring together scientifically sound advice on wetlands in the region in order to assist governments in choosing … [Read more...]

Seychelles Wetlands Evaluation and Workshop

Kevin Erwin accompanied Ramsar Convention Secretary General Mr Anada Tiéga and the Senior Regional Advisor for Africa Mr Abou Bamba, the President of the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. James Michel, during a week-long celebration of World Wetlands Day … [Read more...]

Kampung Penarik Mainland Coastal Tourism Development and Setiu Wetland State Park

A team of international experts collaborated to evaluate the Setiu Wetland area in Malaysia to prepare an integrated development plan. The Malaysian government hired the team to develop a plan to protect the wetlands and waterways while providing … [Read more...]

Wetlands on Phosphate Mined Lands

Evaluation of Constructed Wetlands on Phosphate Mined Lands In 1994 a coalition of researchers from the private sector, NGOs and the universities led by Kevin Erwin and Ronnie Best (UF Center for Wetlands) undertook a monumental two year study of … [Read more...]

Watershed Studies – Lee & Volusia Counties

KECE has conducted numerous watershed and mega-watershed studies for a variety of purposes. In the late 1980’s the firm worked with David Godschalk to produce the Lee County Coastal Study to be used in amending the Coastal Management Element of their … [Read more...]

Old Collier Golf Club

In 1997 and 1998, KECE conducted habitat mapping, wetland assessments, wildlife surveys, and designed wildlife management and wetland restorations plans as part of the federal, state, and local permitting process to gain approval of a professional … [Read more...]

Mangrove Restoration at Windstar

The mangrove restoration at the Windstar Country Club was initiated due to the destruction of wetlands during the construction of the Windstar Golf Course in 1981 thus making this project one of the oldest documented mangrove restoration projects. … [Read more...]

Lee County Port Authority

KECE served as the general environmental consultant for the Lee County Port Authority from 1998 to 2003. KECE managed issues including environmental permitting, habitat management, restoration, and wildlife for both the Southwest Florida … [Read more...]