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Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

During the 1980’s, conservation biologists, state and federal wildlife agencies were assessing the condition of a dwindling population of Florida panthers, approximately 30 at the time. In the mid-1980’s, having recently completing panther surveys in … [Read more...]

Florida Gulf Coast University

Kevin Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc. (KECE) was an integral part of the Florida Gulf Coast University design team commissioned in 1991 to develop a Campus Master Plan that was “in harmony with land’s natural characteristics.” The resulting … [Read more...]

County Recognized with Environmental Award

Lee County's ongoing effort to deal with wildly conflicting land uses in the southeast part of the county has drawn the attention of 1000 Friends of Florida.The private not-for-profit planning group recognized the county effort with a Community … [Read more...]

Little Pine Island Wetland Mitigation Bank

Kevin Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc. (KECE) was instrumental in the design and permitting of the Little Pine Island Mitigation Bank, one of the first mitigation banks in the State of Florida permitted and endorsed by state and local agencies … [Read more...]

Lake Wales Forest Mitigation and NEB Site

The Lake Wales Forest Mitigation and Net Ecosystem Benefit Site (LWF) is a 398.5 acre wetland and upland restoration site located in southern Polk County which represents a portion of the required mitigation resulting from unavoidable impacts … [Read more...]

Port Manatee Spoil Island

The Port Manatee Spoil Island Restoration project was implemented to enhance, restore, and create wetland habitat to offset a portion of the wetland impacts associated with the port expansion. … [Read more...]